Wednesday, December 17, 2008

party on, Garth


i'm so excited for tonight! why, you ask? because tonight i get to combine 5 of my favorite things of ALL TIME:

1. wrapping presents
2. spending time with friends
3. eating comfort food admit it, you like it just as much as i do.
4. watching christmas movies


5. drinking embarrassing amounts of wine

YAY! it's going to be catie's first annual holiday wrapping party...aka that's a wrap. get it...movies...wrapping...that's a wrap...shut up, i know i'm lame.

i cleaned last night while watching biggest loser ps - loved the results... and running to walgreens for a last minute christmas present and set out my turkey loin.

just a few things to cook and we're all good to go!

pictures to come later...

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  1. party on, wayne! That sounds like a REALLY fun idea!!

    p.s. loved BL results, too. WOW to amy and phil! and to america voting 84% for Ed. Very interesting, that. Did Heba lose a higher percentage than Michelle? Do you think America voted for Ed because they just didn't want Heba to win?


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