Monday, December 8, 2008

perfect timing!

thanks to wonder woman, i have something to post today! i was all out of ideas and i thought i would take a break from the christmas decorations so everyone can have a breather...

egg nog or hot chocolate?
sick. i hate egg nog. i usually love hot chocolate, but we have a machine of it at work now and i'm kind of getting tired of it! i do love tea though, and it's the perfect weather for tea and coffee!

does santa wrap presents or set them under the tree?
well, no kiddos yet, but i will FOR SURE wrap them. for one because i love to wrap and for two because i really, really, really love to wrap. in fact, i think it would be so awesome to start designing my own wrapping paper and gift cards. seriously.

colored lights on tree or white?
up until this year i've always had white, but i put red and green on there this year!

when do you put your decorations up?
usually i put them up right after thanksgiving. this year i put my up at kyle's house the weekend before, and i put mine up right afterwards!

what is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
uh...we didn't really ever have a set christmas dinner, it was whatever mom felt like making that night. probably the best we had was apple cider and popcorn, one of my fav meals ever!

favorite holiday memory as a child:
hmm...well, i think it would probably be the only christmas i've spent with my whole family. we were at my grandparents house and all my cousins were there (i have 11 first cousins...) i remember we all had a chair with our stocking on it and our parents put our gifts under them that night. i couldn't imagine how santa knew i was there...

when and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
my best friend from when i was little, amber loney, told me. that wasn't too bad. i didn't believe her, but when i got home and asked my mom, she told me it was true. i think i was 10.

do you open a gift on christmas eve?
yes, we've always opened the family gifts to each other the night before and then the santa ones in the morning.

how do you decorate your christmas tree?
i guess you'll just have to read my post!

snow! love it or dread it?
i love it for a while, then it gets all dirty and gross and then i hate it. and i hate driving in it. gross.

can you ice skate?
heck yes! good times were always had at the ice sports center!

do you remember your favorite gift?
as a kid, my favorite gift was a panda exactly like my cousin sue''s name: panda. i'm so creative! if i had to choose a favorite overall, it would be the journey necklace kyle got me two christmases ago.

what's the most important thing about the holidays for you?
family, tradition and food!

what is your favorite holiday dessert?
great-grandma sylvie's orange cookies! i'm making them for our cookie swap at work, too! delish.

what is your favorite tradition?
wrapping the presents. my mom hates to wrap, so i get to do it for everyone except mine! and i LOVE wrapping!!

which do you prefer, giving or receiving?
uhhh...wrapping! just kidding! i love to give. and, i have to say, i'm a pretty good gift giver. what can i's a gift (pun intended)!

what is your favorite christmas song?
carol of the bells! i played it at my christmas piano recital ages ago and will forever love it!

candy canes! yuck or yum?
not a fan of the peppermint candy canes, wouldn't say i HATE them, just don't love them. mom always gets me the starburst ones.

ever recycled a christmas present?
uhh...i don't think so!

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