Tuesday, January 24, 2012

monday update

happy monday, everyone!

how was your weekend? do anything fun?

kyle and i drove out west with my in-law's to his grandfather's 80th birthday party this weekend. it was a short trip, less than 24 hours, but it was still a good time. i think any time spent with family is a good time!! *wink*

since we left a little early on friday afternoon, i took a day off work and enjoyed some solitude in the house while kyle went into work. i spent the morning doing laundry, catching up on some house cleaning (i'm the worst at this) and finally getting around to printing and photographing a few of my printables for my shop.

and of course i made a target run! it's just not a good week without a target run. ;)


i LOVE how they turned out! i didn't get to use my "good" camera for these...since...um....my battery is dead and i couldn't find the charger. no worries, i found it after to took some with my little point and shoot camera. not too bad for a little point and shoot if i do say so myself!

printable calendar - only $3!!

this one is my favorite!! i left it in the frame and hung it up in my studio as a little reminder to love myself when i need it. ;)

i love how you can see my guest bed in the frame. that's the bed i mentioned in my IW post last week!

i hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

happy monday!


  1. I love the Be-YOU-tiful one! Also "you make me happy when skies are grey" because I always sing it to my boyfriend :-)

  2. wow! that is so awesome. do you have an etsy store? cheers for being awesome.

    my favorite is probably the one about loosing sleep! ;)


  3. Aw all of these framed quotes are so sweet! I love the last one :) I would love to hang that in my baby's room

  4. love all of these :)

    just found your blog, now following!




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