Wednesday, February 1, 2012

currently coveting

since i have yet to hang my full length mirror in the new house, barring me from posting any outfit pictures for WIWW. (not that i've worn anything inspiring in the past couple of weeks...) i thought i'd try a new one tonight.

it's going to be random.

but let's be honest, i'm sort of a random person.

moving on....

Source: via Catie on Pinterest

how sweet is this kansas cutting board? i'd have to move my heart a little to the west and the south so it was centered on manhattan. or maybe wichita. :)

you want to talk about coveting? THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF COVETING FOR ME! i've been seriously frustrated with my nike+ lately. the stupid thing is telling me i've run a whole fracking mile less than i really have. i've googled it, supposedly it's because i don't wear the nike shoes. well, nike, make a stupid shoe that i can fit into and i'd wear them!

anyway....the fuel band looks pretty damn sweet. i really want one. i really don't want to pay $200 for one. visit here for more information on this one.

i'm on the lookout for an old dress form. luckily for me, my mom is coming down in a couple of weeks and we're heading out to a highly recommended antique mall out in the sticks, so i'm hoping to find one out there. fingers crossed!

if you don't know what this means, go here and listen. and then go here and fall in love with zac brown.

and then go here and buy one.

for me.


Source: via Catie on Pinterest

and while you're feeling generous, i'll take one of these, too.

sorry, you gotta be a architecture nerd to get that one.

hey, it's officially past hump day now!

hooray for it almost being the weekend!


  1. I've also wanted to have my own dress form. It's pretty awesome you've found a store for it. Hope I could get one too soon!


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