Tuesday, February 28, 2012

radio silence

i'd just like to apologize for the silence you've seen on my blog lately....i'm going to blame it on three things.

first, my car wreck has been a big pain in the butt. researching and finding a place to get it fixed, getting a second opinion on the estimate and now i'm finally scheduling a time to take it in. WHEW! at this wasn't even my fault!

 second, this lovely series had me enamored for about a week. seriously, i hardly ever put my ipad down, i was reading it CONSTANTLY!

i already loved the movies, but reading the books is a whole new ball game. loved it and can't believe i held out that long! i'll be honest, it was a valentine's day sale that did me in, the first one was on sale and after that, i had to have the rest of them.

and THEN! OH! OH! AND THEN! i bought this series! holy. moly. i. loved. every. second.


if you haven't read these, go and buy them now. suzanne collins does not disappoint!

now i can't WAIT for the movie to come out!

so, now that i'm coming out of my book coma, i hope to post some updates soon.


  1. I completely understand. Both of those series had me hooked, too. My kids were lucky to have dinner and clean clothes while I was reading. :o) The movie is gonna be GREAT!!!!

  2. I can't believe you held out on Twilight for this long. Were you also a virgin when you got married? Okay, that was a totally inappropriate question...but still...you have patience, lady.


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