Sunday, January 8, 2012

weekend update - the shop!

just a few updates i wanted to share here on le olde blog...

i've officially gotten up off my rump (or on it, seeing as how it required a lot of computer time...) and updated my etsy shop!  i cleaned out the christmas printables and updated with a few new ones...

a couple of printable mini desktop calendars...

a few that just make me happy to think about...

and added my very first wedding invitation suite!  i'm still working on a few other wedding invites to get listed, but i'm very excited to be offering these printable and customizable wedding invite suites for brides-to-be that want something a little different, but just aren't quite sure how to achieve it.

this wedding suite is aptly named after a very brave girl named sarah, who hired me simply by word of mouth.  many thanks to my friend megan mcgraw (check out her design candy for the eyes!) who was sarah's matron of honor and gave sarah my information, which made these true labor of love invites come to life!


in addition to updating the shop, we worked hard yesterday getting our rental house closer and closer to ready to list!  it's been exciting to see the progress and i'm happy to be actually putting some paint on the walls in the next couple of weeks!  we also moved a few things from the wichita house out to our new house and now we're enjoying a lazy sunday watching football and napping (that would be kyle...) and i'm working on a few new printables for the shop, catching up on my ever expanding google reader list, reading a favorite book (harry potter and the deathly hallows) and checking my favorite celebrity tweets.  ;)

happy weekend, everyone!

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