Sunday, January 22, 2012

7 pretty things on a sunday

today i'm linking up with 7 lovely ladies for 7 pretty things on a sunday...

[1] i'm adoring these sparkly bow flats from elle japan.
[2] this outfit from fine and feathered is adorable. i need those boots!
[3] WHAT!?!? a mattifying top coat? awesome!
[4] one of my favorite sayings. ever.
[5] how gorgeous is this art from jill ricci?
[6] house of smiths shows us that even a pantry can be pretty!
[7] i can't get over how cute this kitchen is with the DP bottles all along the top of the cabinets. retro goodness everywhere!

are you linking up?


  1. A matte top coat? Want!

    I'm stopping by from the blog hop. Happy Sunday!

  2. I've been meaning to get some of the matte top coat! I hope it works :)

    xo Shane

  3. Matte top coat?!Shut. Up. <3bloghop visitor Rose

  4. I am so loving those shoes. Sparkles=Happiness :)
    Visiting from the hop!

  5. Have you tried the mattifying top coat yet? I want to try it so bad but I'm a little nervous haha!

  6. I'm dying for those bow flats.. I droll over anything with a bow!

    Visiting from the blog hop.. Happy Sunday!

  7. Loving that outfit in #2! Linking up from The Blog Hop (#28)! Come and visit me at


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