Thursday, January 19, 2012

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inspiration workshop is BACK!

hip hip, hooray!!

This week's prompt is {BEDROOMS}:
It's the New Year! And what a great time to be inspired by your living space. Whether you live alone or have a family, BEDROOMS are the space people spend most of their time and often decorate to make their own. Whether your space is comfortable, modern or kitchy, it needs to be inspired to be you. Feel free to share your BEDROOM space, or BEDROOM spaces that inspire you. Maybe it's a really amazing bed frame, night table, or the coziest bed linens you've ever seen. Or a baby's nursery, a child's bedroom or guest room. Share what inspires you for a BEDROOM space. Remember, if you use someone else's photo be sure to give proper photo credit :}


we have three bedrooms in our new house (i promise, i'll get around to doing a photo tour tab soon...fingers crossed!) and i have never had such a hard time finding STUFF to put in a room! they look so naked right now, every room needs to be "dressed" i suppose and i needed a kick in the butt to find some inspiration. so, here goes nothing!

Source: via Catie on Pinterest

my craft room is in the same room as one of our guest beds. i am extremely lucky to have had the pleasure of growing up in an old iron bed very similar to this one. the problem is, 3-year-old catie decided to "decorate" her bed with some crayons. there are also quite a few chips in the paint and the knobs were all sprayed a really bright brass, so i'm hoping this summer sometime to clean it as well as i can and spray paint the entire thing. i'm thinking possibly a fun color? we'll see how that project progresses!

i love everything about the photo, the casual quilt draped and the gorgeous bed. love it all.

our master bed is in this really odd little bump out in the room. our bed JUUUUUUST fits inside it. which means we have no room for bed side tables. for a reader like myself, this is unacceptable. i've been looking for ideas all over pinterest on how to solve this problem. so far, my favorite shelves are these.

are you pro headboard or against them at all costs? i think my husband would rather slit his wrists than have a headboard on the bed, he's THAT against them. i'm hoping something like this upholstered headboard from sawdust and embryos will win him over.

in addition to our two guest bedrooms (slash craft room) we have a semi-finished attic. semi finished meaning there are stairs up to it and someone went a little cray cray with the sponge painting and the wall paper. and there are random holes in the drywall. that birds somehow get through.

but that's neither here nor there.

i'd love to be able to do something similar to this in the "wings" of the attic, what kid wouldn't want a fun attic to have sleepovers in?

the bonus is i might stay sane during a future sleepover. (HAH!)

Source: via Catie on Pinterest

i have an unadulterated love for all things scrabble. (anyone want to play words with friends!?!?!) and these pillows are going to have to go somewhere in my house.

like, yesterday.

and while we're on the subject of pillows, i had to share these pillows. they made me giggle for about ten minutes straight.
my husband, a non-shaver in the winter months, did not find them that funny.


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  1. Those last pillows are hilarious! I kind of love them. :)

  2. totally giggling over + loving what you shared here! how it's unacceptable to not have a nightstand for reading at night, umm, totally agree! and those pillows, ADORABLENESS! yay. so glad you linked up! xoxo, gussy

  3. Love your description if the semi finished attic, lol!

  4. You found some of the cutest things! Love this scrabble pillows! We currently only have a king bed on a headboard. But I want to make one somehow.....just have to get my 'vision' and the time! Also LOVE those beds/storage units for the attic!


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