Thursday, July 14, 2011

inspiration workshop with Gussy Sews

this week's inspiration workshop prompt is SUNSHINE.

oh me, oh my, sunshine is a hard one for me, i had to come up with a few different images...  i spent a lot of time in the sun as a kid/teen/college student.  

i lifeguarded and taught swimming lessons for EIGHT years, so i have a LOT of memories of being at the pool. we had a lot of fun at all the pools i worked at, even when it was a bazillion degrees outside, we made it fun.  it was my main source of income through high school and to this day, the smell of a pool is one of my favorite smells in the entire world.

ever since i can remember, we've spent a week at table rock lake in the summer.  my parents now have a cabin there, but we tent camped and stayed in rented cabins throughout my childhood.  there is nothing like seeing the sunrise over the lake as you're going out for a set of skiing.

and speaking of waterskiing, i skied for Kansas State, did you know that?  i'm sure i've told you...right?  well, i did.  i spent 4 weekends in the spring and five in the fall skiing in college tournaments and those are some of my favorite memories from college.  we had way too much fun, got way too much sun and drank way too much beer.  needless to say, i had to quit the team in my second year of design school or i would have never graduated.  *wink*

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  1. And don't forget our line of "campers". You know how much you liked taking showers in those!

  2. dad snored so loud that it was a long time before chris and i would stay in the campers though. i remember a lot more nights in tents than in the camper! although it was a lot better with the A/C and the showers...timbers trumped them both, i'll be honest!


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