Friday, July 8, 2011

five friday faves

for today's edition, i'm sharing a few items on my wish list...

kyle and i have said our wedding present to each other is tattoos, but we have yet to pull the trigger.  this is one of my favorites i've found so far.

Source: via Catie on Pinterest

this coffee cup is awesome!

here's another option i found...

this tape is freaking sweet and would be great for packing up etsy sales!

HELLLLLLOOOOOOO, simon baker!  'nuff said.


wanna know what etsy sales i was referring to?  i finally got off my tukis and opened up my shop.  i currently just have milk glass listed, but am hoping to eventually add more.  be gentle, i haven't finished up my graphics, so the shop is a little bare looking and i'm still working on my photog skills, so there is just one image of each piece.  the good news is...i've already made a sale!  one hobnail vase is flying it's merry little way to my first customer!


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