Thursday, July 28, 2011

three for thursday

throwback thursday will return sometime, but i needed a "thinkless" thursday post for today.  i'm wiped after a couple of deadlines and some random stuff that's come up lately.

so, without further ado, i give you three for thursday:

Three excuses:
1. i'm tired.
2. i've got a headache.
3. ignoring the problem in general.  (does that count as an excuse?  i think it does...)

Three favorite children’s books:
1. boxcar children
2. babysitters club
3. HARRY POTTER!!  (which i read as an adult.)

Three things I do differently than my mother did:
1. make my bed in the mornings.
2. clean on a regular basis...whoops.
3. i listen to country music.  i couldn't really think of another one.

Three things I’m waiting for:
1. our fall roadtrip.
2. the heat to go away.
3. to put an offer on a new house...sometime.

Three things I want to be when I grow up:
1. caring
2. creative
3. childish...because i'll never really grow up.

Three things I do because they’re good for me and NOT because I like doing them:
1. working out!
2. cleaning the house.
3. eating healthy.

Three truths about me:
1. i'm almost 5'8", but i wear a size 7 shoe, which i guess it weird.  at least, people tell me that it is.
2. as a commercial designer, i prefer modern, clean lines and contemporary finishes and furniture, but my house looks like 80-year-old's live there.
3. i am a major homebody.  i'd rather be at home watching a movie than out at the bars any weekend.

Three pictures:

i posted this instagram last night, but didn't really explain it.  i won this task lamp from Herman Miller at a work event yesterday.  it's magnetic and randomly, it's the perfect spacing for under my microwave!

my grandpa turned 97 last saturday!  he was laughing that he couldn't get the last candle blown out.

side note: who in the hell let grandpa blow candles out with HIS FREAKING OXYGEN ON!  that is so dangerous.

and i couldn't think of a third one that was relevant, so i went with this photobooth image from our wedding, because it brings a smile to my face.  i love how the girls all have something funny on and the boys just all look drunk.  or super creepy if your name happens to be luke and you happen to have you hand on another man's hip.

oh, and if you're looking for mike, only the top of his head made it into the photo.


  1. I have always made my bed in the mornings, what are you talking about? And I would rather read than clean, sorry, that's probably where you got that too!

  2. Hello three! I mean, hello there. I love your three things that you want when you grow up, I think they're pretty cool most especially the last one. And oops, looks like your pop had a great time last Saturday eh? My greetings to him.


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