Friday, July 1, 2011

five friday faves

happy july, EVERYONE!

in this week's edition of five friday faves, we're exploring some home decor projects i'd like to take on.

as if our bathroom and kitchen remodels and finishing up our rental house isn't enough, why not throw in a few other decor projects while i'm at it?!


at least these are pretty simple.

this doily display is the perfect opportunity to use some of my wedding table doilies!

we have a whole slew of these (and just got some more from my grandfather's house) and i loved this the second i saw it!  i'm thinking this may have to be some task lighting for our new kitchen.

we "inherited" our roller blinds with the house.  i have six green and six pink ones.  and this awesome tutorial is going to be a lifesaver for me the second i find some fabric.

we also inherited white trim and i've been trying to convince kyle to let me paint the front room dark.  this might help?

this bed is to die for.  it would totally not fit in our house and kyle wouldn't go for it unless there was a window within two inches of the bed, but i can totally dream, can't i?!?

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  1. I've got something similar to the doilies in Aubrey's room. Sewing hoops and scraps of fabric that go with her color scheme. I LOVE it. And it works really well wither her curtains, which feature huge polka dots.

    That bed IS to die for. And I love the telephone pendant lighting. So funky.


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