Tuesday, April 14, 2009

update on 1001 things...

6. Organize my desk/crafting area

It might not looks organized to you...but trust me, this is great for me.

26. Recommend someone for a job

Self explanatory I'd say...

27. Get GLA to start recycling more than paper and pop cans

We start next month!  This wasn't fully my influence, but I complained a lot, along with a few others and we are getting a dumpster for both office and personal use!

28. Tutor someone taking the LEED exam

I have a lot of friends getting ready to take it and I'm glad to help them!

57. Meet Little Boy Brunke

One week after John Issac Brunke he was born, I got to see him!!  Can't wait to see him again, and his sister Maddie of course!  The Youngers-Brunke crowd had better get ready for some pool parties this summer...

82. Sell my clothes that don’t fit on Ebay

I've made well over $150 and I'm only about half way through my pile!  Everything I don't sell, I donate to charity...

85. Plan a shower for someone

We had a wedding shower at work for another interior designer.  She works in our Houston office, but interned in Wichita and is from Newton (by Wichita) and she went to college with me.  It was fun!  We went to Sugar Sisters, one of my favorite places to eat here in 'Ta Town.  YUM!

88. Frame my K-State Diploma 

I ended up using the thing they give you when you walk, hey...it was cheap.  :)

89. Frame my LEED Certificate

I bought a floating frame so I could frame both the certificate and the letter I got from GBCI!  I LOVE it!

94. Give money to Telefund 2009 if they call

My friend Josie ended up being the one to call me, so OF COURSE I pledged!  Sigh...what will I do when I don't know anyone in college any more?  I'm getting so old.

SO!  I can check those off the list!  On to the next set...

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