Thursday, April 9, 2009

caterkiller is at it again...

so i haven't been blogging a lot lately.  i'm not sure why, just haven't had anything to blog about i guess.  tonight i'm in a bad mood though, so i'm going to dump it all here into outer space and maybe it will make me feel better.

kyle's boss got laid off today.  he was the only guy that ever stuck up for kyle there.  (kyle tends to get himself in some trouble.  he's kind of a jerk when he knows he's right.  take a normal guy and times it by ten and that's how much of a jerk he is.  he even made a grown man cry.)  so yeah, kyle isn't feeling so hot right now.  the other "new" guy got laid off as well.  he's been with cat longer, but not in the wamego facility.  so...basically kyle is next on the chopping block.  he's already started applying for other jobs about three months ago, but he says he's going to pump it up a lot and just get the heck out of there before it all blows up in his face.

what's ironic is in january he was offered a buy-out.  they would have given him 9 months pay at 75% (still three times the amount i make, of course) and he would have had 6 months of benefits still.  sheesh.  hindsight sure is 20/20 isn't it?  (of course, i TOLD him to take it...but obviously he didn't listen...)

keep us in your thoughts, he needs to get out of that toxic environment.  i'll keep you posted.

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  1. Ugh, I am starting to think that the economy is the hardest on recent college graduates. Since we have the least amount of experience, we are the first ones on the chopping block. Its hard to plan for your future when you don't know what your financial situation is going to be.

    I'll keep you guys in my prayers.


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