Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Day in the Life...


6:30 am: Roll out of bed at my parents house.  I'm currently residing here as there is mold growing in my carpet at my apartment.  More on this later.  Hop in the shower.

6:45 am: Remember why I hate showering here.  The water softener makes you feel like you can never quite get clean.  And the water pressure sucks in the downstairs bathroom.  Thank goodness I have a place to shower though.  Love my parents for that.

7:15 am: Make a bagel to go.

7:30 am: All packed and ready to go.  Walk out the door.  Get in Kyle's car (mine is stuck in the mud at his house...three hours away...)  Put key in ignition and can't get the stupid thing to turn.

7:35 am: Call Kyle and kindly ask him WHY IN THE HELL THE KEY STILL ISN'T WORKING.

7:36 am: Have heated discussion his car and why I hate it so much.

7:40 am: Give up for a second and run inside.  At this point I have to pee.

7:48 am: After 5 more minutes of trying I get the car to start.

8:02 am: Realize one exit too late that there is a lot of traffic in front of me, which is odd for Wichita.

8:21 am: Finally pull out of the traffic and get to full speed on the highway after four miles of inching forward.

8:30 am: Walk into work 30 minutes late.  Log into Gmail and tell Kyle how much I hate his car.  Again.

9:15 am: Realize I haven't done something that needs to be done today.  Start to do it.

9:17 am: Someone comes by and asks me why I haven't done it yet.  Shiznit.

9:45 am: Hand the completed drawing to them.  

10:15 am: Set up meeting with PM to discuss specs tomorrow.

10:16 am: Realize I need to do about sixteen hours of work before I'm ready for that meeting.  Shiznit.

11:25 am: Print off a 14/30 notice (look it up) to turn into my apartment complex.

11:45 am: Leave work early to hand in notice.  Car takes another ten minutes before the key works.  ARGH!!

12:00 pm: Pull into complex to realize the office is closed.  Until 1:15.

12:01 pm: WHAT THE F#(%!?!?!  Walk into apartment and realize they still haven't done anything about my wet carpet.  And it smells.  Like butt.  Or mold, same thing.

12:05 pm: Text boss and tell her I'll be late.  Go get McDonald's, run to the bank and come back and sit and wait to office to open.  Car takes ten minutes to turn the key each time I get out.  You'd think I'd learn my lesson.

1:30 pm: Have assistant manager of complex sign for notice and sign my copy.  Think I'm doing really well at this point.

1:45 pm: Still trying to get the key to turn in the ignition after fifteen minutes of trying.

1:47 pm: Stop trying.  Get out and start walking to garage to drive my Jeep to work.  Realize half way there the garage key is at Kyle's house.  Three hours away.  And the extra copy is in the apartment office.  Whom I just pissed off.

1:55 pm: Get the key to turn and leave for work.

2:05 pm: Get to work where two angry phone messages await me.  Shiznit.

2:10 pm: Realize that my thumb is actually swollen from turning the key to Kyle's car.  Ouch.

4:45 pm: Have all my stuff done for tomorrow and feel good about it at the same time that someone walks by and tells me I need to do some more.  Great...

5:05 pm: Julie calls me and we head to go find her an apartment.

6:45 pm: Julie laughs at me while I get the stupid car to turn the key.  Only takes 2 minutes this time.  YESSSS!!!!  Fist pump.

7:15 pm: Back in Goddard at mom and dad's, have delish dinner and start to wind down.

8:15 pm: Realize I DIDN'T SIGN THE NOTICE I GAVE MY APARTMENT!!  oops....

8:30 pm: Sign my copy, fax it to them with a made up story about how the lady gave me the wrong one back when she signed it...right...

9:00 pm: Call Kyle to tell him my mistake and prepare to get yelled at.  Surprised to find he feels bad about my bad day and says it's not a big deal.  WHEW!

Do you ever have days like this?  I could go on, but I won't.  This really just scratches the surface of my bad day...

How was YOUR day?  :)

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