Tuesday, April 13, 2010


okay, okay, none of them are THAT ugly!  but it ain't gonna be pretty, that's for sure.

without further ado...

okay, so there's nothing really that ugly about this dress.  and it just does nothing for my body type at all.  and i hate pick ups, for sure.  moving on....

HAHAHAHA!  look at my face!  there's no pretending that i liked this dress.  i looked and felt ginormous in it!  and i thought it aged me a ton.  don't you think?  is it just me?  i think i look over 30 in this picture, but maybe it's because i'm actually frowning.  i'm SOOOO obviously not loving this dress.  wow, the picture is even worse than it was in person.

i told you that you'd get to see my in some mermaid dresses!!  this is actually a drop waist, but it's low enough i'll call it a mermaid.  and, well, i looked like a friggin' stuffed sausage.  'nuff said!

in case you needed further proof, another low drop waist.  this dress would be so beautiful on a skinny minny!  look at that rouching and bead work.  swoon!  seriously, i wish i could have loved it.  

i actually did like this dress when i had it on, but i thought the belt hit me kind of weird.  and now that i see the picture, i'm putting it in the ugly section.  because, don't you think it makes me look all weirdly proportioned?  is it just me?  that sash just looks really strange.

HAHAHAHAHA!  look at my poor boobs, they are just DYING to get out of this dress!  again, this dress would be so gorgeous on someone who was proportioned right (although, i have to say, i really hate this color...it washes everyone out...) but only about half of my boobs made it into the dress.

up next...THE DRESS!


  1. umm......yeah. That one with the straps was no good.

    I CAN'T WAIT!!

  2. Wow, you tried on so many dresses, and all the 'good' ones looked great on you! I actually kinda like that one with the little belt : ) I can't wait to see the one you picked!


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