Thursday, April 29, 2010


sorry guys!  i totally just realized that i left you guys hanging...oops!

without further dress!



so...i'm showing you this on the model first because the dress i tried on was 8 sizes too big!  so, the pictures i have aren't the best...

the front will probably not go so low on me and the dress is obviously a little long...

i LOVE the back and how it dips slightly.  you'll have to look at the model to see that, it doesn't show well with the large clamp on it.  :)

close up of the lace and my favorite part - DOTTED SWISS!!

close up of the lace and scallops of the top part.  the beading is only on the top half of the dress.

i absolutely LOVE my dress!  it's a mori lee dress and we got it at kari lynn's in mcpherson, ks.  it combines all of my favorite parts of every dress i tried on, the lace, the dotted swiss, the modified sweetheart neckline, the small amount of beading, and the intricate detail of the scallops!


  1. I love love love it!! So pretty! : )

  2. It is beautiful, Catie! The look on your face says it all. Yay!!!


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