Monday, November 1, 2010


in an effort to get myself to blog some more (really?  the last time i wrote anything was two days after my wedding...which was only, you know, over a month ago.  blogger fail.) i'm going to attempt to participate in NaBloPoMo.  i'm going to assume everyone knows what that means, but just in case, it's National Blog Posting Month and i will attempt to post a blog each and every day of november!  get ready for a fun ride!

to start things off, i thought i'd share a couple of my favorite shots from our honeymoon.  oh, i didn't tell you i went on a honeymoon?  whoops.  well, i know you'd rather see the pictures, so here's a few from our Great American Road Trip Honeymoon, day one (walsh, colorado to sante fe, nm):

we waited a week to leave for our honeymoon, so we left wichita the friday after our wedding right after work.  actually, kyle made me leave work at 3 to meet him at the rental car place, but that's a whole other story.  we drove from wichita to walsh, co to stay with his maternal grandparents.  the next morning we woke up bright and early to visit his paternal grandparents.  we wanted to visit his grandmother in the nursing home.  she recently suffered from multiple stokes and she and his grandfather were unable to make it to the wedding.  after we visited with her and tracked down his grandfather and chatted for a while, we headed out on our trip!

 we stopped in trinidad, co for lunch.  trinidad is near kyle's grandparents cabin where we stayed on our engagement trip.  i love the town, it is so quaint and nestled into the mountains.  our usual lunch place was closed for the day, so we tried a new brick oven pizza place.  yum!

this bird cage statue is new.  and huge!

 trinidad is a large coal mining town and the last time we were in town this coal miner's monument was under construction, so i was glad it was finally done so we could see what it looked like.

a coworker of mine gave me this vinyl sign to put on the car when we left the wedding.  since we didn't do a grand exit (we were going to take the trolley, but the last one left right before we made it out of the museum) so i decided we'd use it for the honeymoon!  this also showcases our pimp gold elantra that we rented.  i make fun, but it was actually a pretty good little car and we didn't have to drive one of ours!

 kyle's uncle, who was also recently wed and spent some time after his wedding in the area, told us to take the scenic route from trinidad to santa fe.  we are SO glad we did.  it added about 1.5 hours to the drive, but it was gorgeous.  we weaved in and out of mountains and national parks and then through taos.  taos was gorgeous.  i think i'd rather go skiing there than colorado!

i have a ton of pictures from that drive, but i won't bore you with them, they are similar to the picture of the mountains above this one.  this lake is the last one i'll show.  we wanted to stop, but weren't sure how much longer it would take us to get to santa fe and we were getting a little hungry.  (us?  hungry?  NEVER.)

that was the gist of the first day of travel.  good thing for me, i can probably take up at least 10 days with just honeymoon pictures!  10 day trip, 10 days of blogging about it?  probably.

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