Monday, May 4, 2009


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...apparently, I just bought a house!

They accepted my offer, which was way under county appraisal.  I totally expected them to come back with a counter, but I guess I hit the mark!

Okay...I'm going to post some pictures up...I KNOW that the finishes are fugly.  DUH, I'm an interior designer.  I know how to decorate my own home (but don't ask me to do yours, I really, really hate that.  I'm a COMMERCIAL interior designer.  My firm doesn't do residential.  But I'd be glad to get you the number of some of my friends...)  

So, I was willing to have to do some work.  Actually, I was ready to do a lot of work.  Because of my price range, I thought I'd have some trouble finding a place that was livable.  As in can be inhabited...

Well, this can actually be lived in .  Right away even!  Which is a nice touch in case you forgot about this.  It might be ugly, but hey, it's a roof over my head and I don't have to pay big bucks to get it looking good like some of the other houses I looked at.

For those of you that are current/former/visitor of Wichita, it's in the College Hill(ish) area.  Technically on the wrong side of Hillside for College Hill, but it's still in the school district.

Front of house and garage.  I can't believe they painted the brick.  I could kill them.  I'll be power washing that right off and asap.  Good thing I know that one lady that owns a hardware store...  Don't you LOVE my huge tree in my backyard?  I won't be able to grow grass because it literally is 6 foot in diameter and covers the WHOLE YARD and most of the neighbors!

The living room area looking into the dining room.  The entryway and foyer are to the left in this picture.  My favorite thing is the front door and they didn't take pictures of it!  Dang it.  it's a 4 foot wide door with glass panes.  GORGEOUS!  And never painted!!

Other side of the living room with the original doorbell.  (Not original to the was built in 1925.  But the first doorbell that was in it I'm sure.)  I love that they just refinished the wood floors.  SCORE!

They put in new kitchen cabinets, but there are no appliances (do I hear energy star calling my name?!?)  And they put it in a little room, I think I'm going to move all of this and buy some more cabinets and put it in the room adjacent to this one.  Too small of a kitchen for me.

Here's where the fugly finishes start...apparently there was a scratch and dent sale on bathroom tile....does ANY of this match?  No.  But at least they made a pattern, I'll give them that one...

Master bedroom with BABY BLUE carpet.  It's brand new carpet, all the carpet is new.  And it's baby blue.  Totally awesome wallpaper with baby blue and pink flowers on it.  I can hear the ripping now...

Second bedroom with the awesome faux finish they put in it.  And yellow carpet.  As in banana yellow carpet.  *shiver*

Did someone say PINK!  I really hope the owner doesn't read this blog, but seriously, PINK CARPET!?!?!  Yuck.  And another display of awesome faux finishing...I think I'm going to make this into my sewing room and do a pink and brown color palette so the carpet actually kind of goes...with something...

That's all folks!  I'll keep you updated with the after pictures, we are hoping to close on the 18th so only TWO WEEKS to pack and move.  HURRAH!!!  

Goodbye Cedarbrooke, HELLLLLOOOOO College Hill!

Oh, and wish Kyle luck, he's got a phone interview with a company in Hesston and it's for a good job!  GASP!  In THIS economy!?!  Some dudes have all the luck.  Or great college know...whatever.  And, I think he's just as excited about this house as I am, so I know he's ready to live in it as soon as possible!

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    I grew up in the College Hill area. Ish. Well, we weren't technically in the school district, but mom snuck us in.

    This house looks awesome! Love the porch and the fireplace and the arch and the wood floors and that KITCHEN looks awesome!

    The bathroom made me laugh. And all the different carpets. We actually have that in our house right now. Ugly stuff in the living room, fuschia in a bedroom, peach/mauve in the master, and ugly orange/gold shag in another bedroom. They also had carpet in the KITCHEN but we ripped that out and tiled.

    I'm so happy for you!! This is great and so timely!


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