Monday, May 11, 2009

Awesome VS Not Awesome

Having pets that want to love all over you...awesome.
Having pets that are covered in ticks AND want to love all over you...not awesome.

Buying a house...awesome.
Filling out paperwork/insurance/inspections/the list goes on to buy said house...not awesome.

Having a free carpet cleaning in my apartment...awesome.
Living in an apartment...not awesome.

Have brilliant idea to make and sell cards on Etsy...awesome.
Not having any time to make said cards and sell them on Esty...not awesome.

Finishing a project up on a Friday in time to leave work early and make it to BF's house for dinnertime...awesome.
Coming back into work on Monday to find POed project manager's and more work to be done...not awesome.

Sitting next to a really annoying guy at work...not awesome.
Finding out that he's DONE with his contract at the end of the month and therefore NO LONGER AN EMPLOYEE OF GLA...TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!!

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  1. Ugh....process of buying a house....double ugh. My advice (yes, I know you didn't ask for it) is: Get a thorough inspection. Levi decided to save money and not get one. Our punk real estate agent agreed with him.

    But I love this post. That's awesome that annoying co-worker will be gone in 2 weeks!!


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