Monday, May 25, 2009

PS of the Week


Sorry dudes, it's a little late!  I'm a little late getting home from a BUSY weekend, so you'll have to live!  I love this secret, because it's SO true for me!

Highlights from a great Memorial Day weekend:

Closed on the house on Friday morning, went straight from closing to work on it.
Unfortunately the realtor's "handyman" was still fixing the plumbing, and doing a poor job of it.
Cleaned out the garage while he fixed that for SIX hours!
Painted on Saturday, got the yellow carpet room painted a lovely color of grey (pictures to come later...)
Painted on Sunday, got the other two bedrooms painted a pretty tan that Kyle called "chocolate milk."  Boy is obsessed with chocolate.
Left late Sunday to go to Kyle's.
Woke up early this morning to work on things around his house.
Drove home and arrived about an hour ago.


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  1. That was a FAST closing!!! And how fun to work on the house so much. Painting and fixing your own house can be really fun.

    Glad you had a good weekend!


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