Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alright dudes.

Sorry for the Negative Nancy post yesterday.  But it's been quite a week.  Here it is in review.

Sunday my car got stuck at Kyle's house.  We moved it down by the barn so it wouldn't get hailed on.  And instead it got stuck in the mud.  Sheesh.  So I'm driving Kyle's POS Cavalier.

Monday I had to wake up at 4 am to get to work on time.  The storms were so bad I decided to stay at Kyle's house and drive to Wichita before work.  That was a mistake.  I should have just come in late.

Monday night I get home and am cleaning up.  Only to discover that there is rainwater in my dining room.  On my carpet.  And in my kitchen.  Gross.  So I call maintenance and they come and see it and tell me they'll be back in an hour or so with fans.  They never showed.

Tuesday I woke up feeling horrible.  I'm assuming from the mold that is growing in my apartment.  I went and looked at it after work and they still hadn't done anything so I packed up and went to my parents house with my dog and cat.

Wednesday I was super late to work due to a traffic accident and then had a crap day.  I turned in a 14/30 notice to my apartment that basically says they have to fix it up and or they have to let me out of my lease.

Today was much better.  I drove my mom's Jeep to work (thanks, mom!) and didn't have to deal with starting the Cav every time I got in it.  I also got a free lunch.  SCHAWEET!

Here's to the weekend!


  1. Holy crap. Yesterday does sound like a HORRIBLE day yesterday. Good to have the whole story. I hope stuff with your apt gets straightened out. And your car. Sheesh.

  2. Hey! Sorry to leave you a comment...but I didn't have your e-mail!

    I'd love you have you as an Organic Girl! *excited* can you email me at


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