Friday, July 25, 2008

a new record!

it's my second post in one day! haha. i thought the other one should be by itself and i wanted to just chat the chit with everyone, as logun would say.

yesterday was an awesome day for SO many reasons...

1. a rep [someone that comes and tells us about a product to use in interior design applications...example: knoll furniture or maharam fabrics] brought us starbucks...a total guilty pleasure of mine that i've told myself i'm not allowed to drink anymore [well...i'm not buying it anymore, people are more than welcome to buy it for me!]
2. i found out that a conversation i overheard at work had nothing to do with me and in fact had to do with another ID girl moving to the KC office. whew...i was worried was doing a shit job or something.
3. i got home from work and my AWESOME new phone was there!! i also got my visa [if you rent a place in wichita, it's the best thing to find a place on there, tell your landlord you found them on there and you get a $100 visa gift card! you can use it ANYWHERE!]
4. jules and i went shopping at target and i got to USE my new visa gift card.
5. we also went to the seamstress to get our pants hemmed. i'd never done that before, kind of fun to stand like you are a princess in front of a mirror.
6. then we took the dogs to the dog park and played fetch for a long time, long enough to wear my two out anyway!

it's always the simple things in life that make you happy.


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  1. That's awesome that so many good things came your way in one day! That visa card thing - I'm JEALOUS!!

    I checked out Erin's photos. THEY'RE INCREDIBLE. I love them! I mean, I know that you can do a lot with a grea lens and photoshop, but you still have to have the eye for the extraordinary. She
    so does. They're awesome.


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