Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the author

it's jeffery deaver. i finally remembered to bring the book outta the loft long enough to type it in for you guys! i'm sure you were all on the edge of your seats waiting for it. :) the book is called the bone collector, and since i've never seen the movie, i have no idea if the movie is based on it or not. although i'll tell you right now that it is a great book. gruesome, yes, scary, no, interesting, YES! it's yet another page turner and i'm happy that it is the first in a series of three that my mom got at sam's so i'll have something to read for the rest of the week! i'm almost halfway with this one and now that i can't put it down, i'm sure i'll be done with it by morning.

i'll keep you guys posted. here's some pictures of the lake to make everyone jealous of where i am right now...

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