Tuesday, July 8, 2008

let's settle down now...

so! i thought it was about time for an update now that i'm "settling in" here in wichita. although, i would quite say that i'm settled yet. i have a huge amount of laundry to do [that's on the list] and i haven't really done anything at work [as you can probably tell, i'm at work right now.] my to do list is about a mile long. here's just a portion of it!

to do:
pay rent [p.s. - note that i'm 3 days late.]
go to the bank so i can pay rent
order some new checks
finish paperwork for work
consolidate my student loans
organize my apartment [note that i have no pictures up yet...that's why]
recycle my moving boxes [or give them to someone, does anyone need any?]
do laundry
go grocery shoppping
go WORK CLOTHES shopping
set up my cable and internet
get renter's insurance

and the list goes on...maybe some day i'll finish.

i have, however, completed some tasks.

things i've done:
ironed all the work clothes i do own
started working [yesterday]
had 7 different orientations with 7 different people
got my new desk [pictures to come of my awesome computer later...]
got my living room, kitchen and bathrooms set up

yeah, that's about it! :)

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  1. Good luck with all that! I always get more done when I tell everyone what I have to do. I wanna see pix of your place once you're all settled in.


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