Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i'm sure you were all waiting with bated anticipation to see what i wore this week.

yup, not gonna happen.

i have ONE picture that i took this week, and i hate the outfit.  will never be worn again.  lesson learned.

it's been a fail kind of week in my world, but tomorrow is thursday and the next day is friday and on friday, we're GOING TO KANSAS CITY...KANSAS CITY HERE I COME!!

ahem.  excuse me while i break into song.

MADA is this friday and my firm has entered three projects.

THREE!  'cause we're awesome.

any barney stinson fans out there?

notice i said my firm...i didn't design any of the projects we entered.  but you know, i'm there for moral support...and the beer.  maybe a little wine.  and food.

go us!


  1. LOVE Barney. I haven't watched as much of the show as I would like, but I've watched enough to know that I l.o.v.e. barney and his womanizing ways.

    have fun in kc!

  2. hold the phone miss catie (saw you just started following on twitter and had to come check out your blog!) at first i was like yay another commercial interior designer - but then you were at MADA too? i was the girl in the back with a lot of wine:)


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