Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wiww 7

yet another version of WIWW that i actually deem worthy of linking up to over at lindsay's page - the pleated poppy.  make sure you check out some of the other ladies, there are some awesome dressers over there!

 tshirt, tank under and seersucker shorts - target
sandals - thrifted, originally from charlotte russe
necklace - famous footwear

shirts - target
trousers - maurices
scarf - santa fe, nm shop called the jackalope
i wore my black heels from target.

 ooh!  something a little new a different!
skinnies and necklace - target
tunic - thrifted, old navy brand
ruffled flats - maurices
tank - tj maxx

 this picture really does nothing at all for this outfit

 i was apparently running out the door, so i didn't have my shoes on yet again.
tshirt - target
skirt - thrifted
necklace - famous footwear

 turtleneck - gap
tank, trousers and heels - target
necklace - estate sale

well, at least i'm getting a little bit better, right!?!


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  1. Love this! You're too cute. I miss having a reason to look cute. And the time to do. And the time to shop. And the money to shop. Oh, the woes of a housewife!!! =D

    You seriously look supercute. I would think that knowing you're going to photograph each outfit would help motivate you to do just that. Love the necklaces, the trousers, and especially the scarf. It'd gorgeous.


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