Friday, May 13, 2011

when the inspiration strikes...

...was the answer to kyle's question earlier.

"why were you taking pictures of our fridge?"

hi babe.


so, um, yeah, i was taking pictures of our fridge because i was doing this:

i'm making crystal light, in case you couldn't tell
and stepped back and looked at this:

this is our massive fridge.  we like food.
and realized how gorgeous our family and friends are.  see photographic evidence below:

my uncle john (miss you) and uncle clyde talking at a family christmas.  a picture of my brother as a baby.  an invitation i designed for kyle's grandparents for the 2011 smith family reunion (excited!!) has a picture of his grandpa and his three brothers.  norman is the one directly below the powercat....mmmmkay?  then we have a picture of kyle and i from my SEVENTEENTH birthday.  we were not dating at the time (that didn't happen until i was 18, almost 19), but we love each other because these two people in the photo with us brought us together, my best friend from high school erin and kyle's friend, mike.  love you guys.  and a baby announcement of our friend's, katie and dustin, baby.  

and above those are: christmas card of kyle's second cousins, lillie-mae and sadie.  look at sadie's cute face on the bottom photo...adorable!  the picture of us is from the day we signed on our house, our realtor took it.  then above us is a senior photo of my cousin, DJ, who i can't believe is graduating in a week...holy crap i'm old.  kyle's two cousin's on the tire swing at his old house up by topeka.  a funny dilbert comic that makes fun of architects (uh...whoops....ignore that wasn't funny at all.....)  then kyle's grandpa all grown up.  and another picture of kyle's aunt, uncle and cousins.  there's my brother's mug again.  

and straight above the pitcher are these: kyle and his great-grandpa max the great and two shots of my awesome grandparents that are years apart from each other, but i (obviously) couldn't decide which one i wanted to hang on the fridge.

side note: that coffee mill grinder thing that sits atop the fridge is from my grandparent's house.  kyle found it and we love it.  not for grinding, just for looks.

and because i enjoy embarrassing my husband as much as possible, here's a photo from eight a few halloweens ago.

um, yeah, that's my husband.  dressed as a mexican.  wearing his NOT CHEAP AT ALL eye patch, my sombrero and a poncho i bought him in mexico and SITTING ON A MAN DRESSED AS EEYORE.  i believe this one was "dud.  hey, i'm a mexican and mexican's ride donkeys.  and you're dressed like a donkey. let's take a picture!"

side note: that is our friend, eric, wearing a tigger costume that was made for a 4 year old.

not.  kidding.

oh college, i miss you.


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  1. I found you through your comment on Our Humble A(BOWE)d. You posted a pic of your hubby dressed as a Mexican and riding an Eyeore? I think I love you. Am following now, will go looking around :)


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