Tuesday, May 3, 2011

retro kitchen

i like kitchens.  i like retro.  i really like this retro kitchen.

sigh.  those cabinets!  and i'm dying over the tulip chairs with those perfect little red upholstered seats.  dying, i tell you.


do you think i can talk my husband into this kitchen?


i mean, it's not like i know what i'm talking about or anything...i'm just a designer.

side note: i'm going to make a sign for my desk that says, "don't blame me, i'm just the designer."

yup.  gonna do it.

other side note: this kitchen would look horrible in my house.  wrong style and way wrong decade.  and as a real interior designer, i realize that.  so, yeah, unless we move into a mid-century modern in the next few years, it ain't gonna happen.  but, I CAN ALWAYS DREAM!  and that's important to me.

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  1. that kitchen is incredible. I'll bet you could sneak in little bits of retro. If those chairs are comfortable enough, they might pass the husband test. Maybe find an old-school juicer, or toaster.


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