Tuesday, May 10, 2011

three for tuesday

i stole this from wonder woman, who, in case you didn't know, i went to high school with.  'cause we awesome like that.  go lions!  only, she did three for thursday, but i'm doing three for tuesday because i know everyone wants to continue to see old family photos of mine.


also, i wrote this on thursday and i'm scheduling it to be posted on a tuesday.

do you do that?  i schedule almost all of my posts, it's just easier that way.

Three things I do after the kids are in bed:
1. um...i don't have kids...can i count my animals?
2. i shower
3. and then i watch the evening news.

clearly, this is going to be a really boring survey.


Three people I kind of want to be, but not really:
1. liz lemon
2. sofia verago
3. michelle obama

Three objects I would never buy used:
1. underwear
2. hair bands
3. retainer

Three things I didn't do today:
1. eat well {dude, it's cinco de mayo...}
2. watch my mouth {read: tequila}  {just kidding, i don't need tequila to do that}  {but it helps}
3. count calories

Three books I would like to read:
1. the hunger games
2. twilight series {I KNOW, I KNOW, but finally watched the movies and now i just have to know.}
3. lies my teacher told me: everything your american history textbook got wrong {my brother read this a while ago}

i just want to point out that i just finished p dub's book, from black heels to tractor wheels, and it was amazing.

and probably foreshadowing of my own life.

Three things I appreciate about my marriage:
1. he's my best friend.
2. he's the smartest man i've ever met in my entire life.
3. he's my complete opposite, but somehow, it works.

Three things within a two foot reach of me:
1. my fuzzy pink slippers
2. a menards ad
3. my knitting needles

Three plans for the near future:
1. laundry
2. cleaning house
3. hopefully, a vacation.  a year anniversary/honeymoon trip.  

good god, i hope so.

Three final thoughts:
1. my gut aches.  i just ate like five pounds of mexican food and drank a margarita.  ugh.
2. i wore shorts for the first time today and i was super pale.  i'm also going to wear a dress tomorrow and i was going to go spray tanning tonight and then i decided to go eat five pounds of mexican food.  and i didn't.  so i'm stil going to be super pale tomorrow in my dress.  oh, kansas, you don't treat my skin the way it should be.
3. do you watch outsourced?  i love it!  and todd demsey is from kansas.  hells yes!  go kansas!

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  1. The Twilight books are better than the movies. The first one in particular. It adds a lot to the characters. Just be for te author to continually compare Edward to a cold, marble stone.

    And Hunger Games was a pretty good series. I think the 2nd book was my favorite. They're making it into a movie and Stanley Tucci will be in it.

    I wore shorts for the first time this year on Friday and I was pastey, pastey, too. I wore them again on Saturday and spent hours in the sun. It helped a little.


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