Thursday, February 17, 2011

throwback thursday: week 1

i made a decision today: i have tons of family photos scanned in to this computer (we had them printed for the wedding) so WHY NOT ACTUALLY USE THEM!

duh.'s time for a little throwback thursday.

we'll start off with one of me, because, well, this is my blog and i do what i want.

circa 1987 - our wichita home

proof that i was actually once adorable, but that i've always had these american thighs.  (sounds a lot better than thunder thighs...right?)
my aunt sylvia brought me a large box full of pictures from my grandparents house to dig through for family photos.  i found a couple of more recent albums.  (yes, i realize this photo is over two decades old, but we have family photos dating back to when camera were invented.  yeah, we're that cool.)

this was in one of the more recent albums and was labeled with my grandmother twaddell's beautiful handwriting on the back of it, "catherine joy and purple irises."

apparently the flowers were as thrilling as i was.

true story, my first name is actually catherine and my grandmother wrote that on all of my pictures.  seeing as how i'm named after her (the catherine, she was kathryn avis, the joy is from my paternal grandmother - janice joy), i suppose she had that right.  

ps - i don't let people call me catherine.  it makes me feel like i'm in trouble.

pps - i also hate the name cate.  so don't call me that.  you know who you are...


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