Thursday, February 24, 2011

say it ain't so!

dear baby jesus,

did we learn nothing from the 90's?

i was window shopping on the interwebs over at the Gap (what?  don't look at me like that.  it's an extra 25% off today!  and 8% back through ebates!  and I WAS JUST LOOKING!) and i saw these staring back at me:

awww....HELLS NAW!  you did NOT bring back the pleated light wash jeans, Gap.

is this just me!?!  i mean, i know i was slow to the skinny jean fad, but i fully embrace it now.  hello, way easier to shove into boots than boot cut.  hence, the name boot cut...cut to fit over your boots.  

i have to say i am fairly certain that i. will. never. wear. these.

i'm just throwing this out there for you all to keep me accountable when they are $5 on the clearance rack and i have no willpower to avoid purchasing them.

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  1. I. KNOW. These are so unflattering. Make your legs shorter, and your hips/thighs wider. YUCK.


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