Saturday, February 26, 2011

honeymoon roadtrip: day 7

after a exhausting day at the grand canyon, we rested quite a bit on day 7.  i think we slept until like ten or something.

i know, sorry, we are boring like that sometimes.

we actually got to sleep in a little.  (HALLELUJAH!)  side note: i just spelled hallelujah right on the first try. i'm awesome.

the night of day 6, we looked around on the interwebs for stuff to do in little ol' flagstaff.  and i stumbled upon the Riordan Mansion.  the Riordan Mansion is a Arts and Crafts style duplex (don't let that scare you, this house is over 13,000 square feet, each brother had over 6,000 square feet at their disposal) home, built by two brothers who essentially started the logging business in Flagstaff.

and being the architectural nerd that i am, i told kyle that is where we would be going the next day.

naturally, he was thrilled.  :)

here are some shots of the interior of the home.  sorry in advance, you have to know that interior designers see the world much differently...and therefore the majority of my favorite pictures are just small details in the woodworking and such....

 this was a vertical flat file (for storing large architectural drawings) and pulled out from the wall.  the wood carvings were amazing and the thing was MASSIVE.  about 6' wide.  i NEEEED one of these!

proof we were actually there.

 the light fixtures were exquisite.  this was one of my favorites.

more drool-worthy built ins.  they were all over the house.

fantastical wood beam ceilings.

and THAT is the story of how i convinced kyle we will one day build an Arts and Craft style home.  in the country.  on many acres.  with a barn.


oh, and after the house tour, we went thrifting and antiquing around town.  we didn't buy much.  the prices were A LOT higher than the Santa Fe shops.  but, it was still a blast.

after a little shopping, we drove to Prescott Valley by way of Sedona.

let's pause and reflect on how gorgeous Sedona is....

proof we were actually in sedona.  i wore a lovely knit scarf i bought from a little Nepalese man in Santa Fe.  i wear it a lot.  just ask my coworkers.  :)

okay, i'm done.  because Sedona is redic expensive.  we walked around the main drag just long enough to walk up one side and down the other.  we squeezed another penny (did i mention that?  we started a squashed penny book.  maybe if you're lucky i'll show it to you sometime....maybe) and after quickly getting shot down on the Pink Jeep Tours, we made our merry little way to a much cheaper and only slightly less pretty town called Prescott Valley.

along the way, we ran into a town called Jasper.  Jasper is literally on the side of a mountain.  not.  kidding.

my mom would hate it there.  she has an intense hatred of heights.  you should have seen her when we went to Pike Peak....LOVE YOU, MOM!

but i loved it.  it was a quirky little village and seemed to be a bit of an artist's community.  don't quote me on that.  we didn't actually stop.

we were worried the car wouldn't make it up the mountain if we stopped.

i kid, i kid.

what was i talking about?  oh, yeah, Jasper.  here's some pictures:

and then we saw a gorgeous sunset:

and then we ate more Mexican food.  are you surprised?

probably not.

also of note: our hotel in Prescott Valley was by far the best hotel we stayed in.  it had a wonderfully comfortable bed and i feel asleep instantly.  sigh....i miss that bed.

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