Sunday, February 27, 2011

honeymoon road trip: day 8-11

i am sad to report that day 7 was our last day "alone" on our honeymoon.

but that's cool, because we love our friends!  and any day spent with friends is a great day in our book., yeah, we went on a road trip honeymoon down to Scotsdale, Arizona for a wedding.  an AWESOME wedding!  we had a ton of fun the entire weekend!

schedule breakdown went a bit like this:

day 8: rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and then drinking well into the night with the bride's father.  who was awesome.  we loved dan.

 this is actually where the reception was, but there was another wedding there that night.
 awww...friends forever.

day 9: Kyle and the boys left for the wedding around noon and the wives/girlfriends/fiances fended for themselves for the afternoon.  moi?  i chose to get my nails redone.  i had the same Shellac manicure on from the day of my wedding and it was looking a little haggard.  called around and found a salon right down the street from our hotel and was properly manicured by an awesome guy whose name escapes me, but he was awesome.  i'll try to remember it in case any of you are in Scottsdale sometime and need a manicure.  i mean, who doesn't?!?  we took a car to the wedding (FANCY!!) and proceeded to witness a beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous venue.  and then we got stupid drunk.

some evidence:

 oh crap, am i supposed to be praying?  i just noticed this was during prayer.  sorry, guys!
 don't ask what that hand gesture means...
 how many boys can fit in the phone booth?!
 we're trapped!

 uh.'s not the groom at all.  silly.
 going to that bar was a poor decision.

there were a lot more embarrassing pictures i could have put up there, but i choose to leave them out.  i'd like my marriage to last longer than 6 months, thankyouverymuch.

did you hear that Kyle!?!  i chose YOU over the BLOG!  remember that later.  mmmk?

day 10: hungover but alive, we all went out for breakfast.  yummo.  then the Shaffer's packed up for the long haul home....a LOOOOOONG haul.  on day 10, we drove from Scottsdale, AZ to Tucumcari, NM.

that's a long drive.  10 hours to be exact.  but, we made it.  we stayed in a LOVELY trucker hotel right off the highway.  but it was 1 in the morning and i didn't care where i slept as long as i slept.

day 11: Tucumcari, NM to Wichita, KS.  another long haul.  alas, we made it!

and thus ends the Great American Road Trip Honeymoon.

whew, it's been a long ride ladies and gents.  hope you enjoyed a few of the thousands of pictures i took and my random ramblings.



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