Thursday, November 4, 2010

taking another break

from posting about the honeymoon that is.

to show off some of my favorite photobooth pictures!  yay!  

{warning, picture heavy post ahead!}
{ps - all pictures taken by jackie cage, our second shooter to our wedding photographer, jackie cooper!  i think anyway...i guess i should ask one of the jackie's if cage was the only photobooth shooter.  either way, she's the only one that took pictures of me in the photobooth!}

i loved all of the pictures with the kids in them!  they are just SO creative!  these are my cousin amy's two little girls...precious!

awww, my bridesmaid kara and her beau (and my coworker) daniel.  my favorite part is the flowers in daniel's mouth.  daniel, i just noticed you rocked the argyle socks!  sweeeeeeet!

my new brother-in-law and sister-in-law!  i think they may have won most props per person in this one!  those glasses are awesome, i hope they survived, keeping those for possible halloween costumes in the future!

 i love this one for a few reasons...micah hates weddings, but he came to mine!  i feel so special!  also, these two have to be some of the most photogenic people i've ever met.  now, i don't usually pour over tons and tons of wedding photos (let's hope that only happens once in my life's a bit overwhelming) but i have a feel that erin's photog skills give her great intuition in front of the camera, too, because she rocked the photos, there isn't a single bad one of her!

but, this photos also just cracks me up.  the glove is a little creepy, micah.

OH.MY.GOD.  how can this photo NOT make it!  these two are related to kyle and have to be some of the cutest kids in the world.  sophie caught the bouquet and andrew rocked the dance floor ALL NIGHT.  what  trooper!  those mustaches are a trip on them.  love it!

 who has four thumbs and is an awesome newlywed couple.  THESE GUYS!  the avila-william's family!

 keeping with the newlywed theme we've got going here, kyle's groomsman, ryan, got married two weeks after us!  (in a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS wedding, don't worry, pictures coming soon, in the honeymoon posts!  oh, and did i mention, their engagement photos are on a really popular wedding blog?  yeah, they are that awesome.)  these two are hilarious and absolutely perfect for each other.

 i suppose i can't pick photos of the best man and one groomsman without putting up one of the other groomsman, luke.  oh wait, this is one of the most appropriate ones.  okay, that's a lie, but this is the funniest one!  

don't worry, they weren't the only ones who made my vintage ladies gloves into something dirty...

 HAHAHA!  the look on sarah's face (on the left) is freaking hilarious.  so serious!  and michael looks a little worried there...probably because we all want him to propose already so we can have another awesome wedding to go to next year...hmmm....

 eva showing of her muscles while her husband (yet another set of newlyweds....we all jumped in at once, i guess!) shows off his miller lite.

 my brother, chris, and his adorable girlfriend amanda.  they have some hilarious ones, but this one is the ONLY picture i have of him on my wedding day where he is smiling.  and it's cute.

 more kiddo pictures!  ummm...i taught this little one how to swim...when she was 2.  i'm getting old.

 i'm not sure kevin was quite ready for the photo, but how adorable is his wife, sarah!?!  get it grrrrrrrll!  and yes, another set of newlyweds.

 you would be correct in assuming that three of these four guys are related.  they are the brother's dunn!  michael is admitting he's the only non-dunn, i think.

 who doesn't love pretty girls in dresses with mustaches?!?

one of the better group shots of the entire wedding party.  if only jackie had told poor mike he wasn't in the shot.  :(

and last, but not least, i LOVE that the band got in on the photobooth action!  just shows what a fun group they are!

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