Wednesday, November 3, 2010

honeymoon road trip: day 2

after a really horrible first night experience at the first hotel (there was dog hair on the sheets, i mean, come on, gross), we woke up bright and early to head to The Flea at the Downs.  what?  most newlyweds don't go to a huge flea market on their honeymoon?  well, they are missing out!

this is actually from AFTER we spent half the day there, but still.  you can kind of see the "mothership" (as they call it, it's really just a large outdoor tent) in the background.  honestly, The Flea wasn't as large as i thought it would be, but we still found some pretty good deals there.  i'll have to take pictures of them and post them sometime.  i think my favorite find there was a group of three small apothecary bottles for nine bucks!  we saw some in trinidad the day before for $20/each, so we thought we got one heck of a deal on those.  kyle also scored two antique cameras for $5.  we have no idea what they are worth, but they look pretty cool on top of the piano.

here's a better picture of the mothership.  The Flea at the Downs is called that because it's at an old horse track.  the downs looked pretty cool, i wish that we could have gone inside, but the entire flea was outside.  :(

after the flea we headed to lunch at a restaurant near our hotel that was recommended from the hotel.  remember how we didn't love the hotel?  yeah, we didn't love the restaurant either.  after that, we headed down to the downtown square, where we found this really cool old church.  (randomly, i put these pictures on facebook, and my friend cody that i worked with in college graduated in this church!  how cool is that?  way better than century II.)

the our lady of guadeloupe is on the town square and is really gorgeous.  unfortunately, i couldn't use my flash and the pictures really don't do it justice.

here is the center of the town square.  there was a large christian youth group singing conference or something like that.  there was lots of dancing, singing and little kids running around.  kyle and i both have this thing for old towns (and architecture, furniture and basically anything that is old) but we have added "must have a town square" to any city that we live near.  we love them.

and the last one i wanted to share is a picture walking from the square, looking up towards our lady of guadeloupe.  the rest of the day was spent at the square and we made a trader joe's run (one of many...).

up next: day 3!

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