Saturday, November 13, 2010


a lot of people that know me, know i'm a bit of a coupon freak.  i've been clipping them since i was a little girl helping my mom.  now that i'm older, i'm a bit of a frugal ferdie.  that's an understatement, i'm a LOT frugal.  notice i didn't say cheap!  i'm willing to pay top dollar for things that are WORTH top dollar.  and usually, i can get them on sale or for some sort of deal.

so, anyway, the reason i'm babbling about coupons yet again (other than to motivate myself to go through my mound of coupons that i haven't clipped in forever) is because i just got my BIG FAT CHECK (their words, not mine) from ebates!

do you guys use ebates?  i do a lot of my holiday shopping online, simply because a lot of the stuff i'm looking for is not available in wichita.  i used it a lot for my wedding shopping as well...j. crew doesn't have a store in wichita, but i need to order my bridesmaid's dresses?  no biggie, go through ebates and earn cash back!  hmmm...i wonder if i can earn cash back on the groom's suits?  heck yes, i can!

basically, ebates pays you to shop.  you go to their website, search for the site you want to shop at, and click the link.  that's it!  nothing else for you to do except cash in the check later!  not all stores are on ebates, but there are a lot.  the one i use most is snapfish, where i get all my photos developed, i send them to walgreens and pick them up in about an hour!  an easy 7.5% earned (usually, sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less).

if you are interested in using ebates, take it from me, it's totally worth the time spent.  here's my referral link: 

you'll earn $5 just for signing up through me and i'll be that much closer to a cool $50 referral cash!

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