Wednesday, January 14, 2009

random babble

i'm at my parent's house right now...on a "school" night (as i like to call work nights...too depressing to call them work nights). anyway, my hot water heater wasn't working AGAIN and i didn't feel like going to work tomorrow all smelly. and my mom and i refinished my dresser. you know, the one in my entry way, see my apartment tour to refresh your memory....

you back? okay. anyway, last night i came over here and sanded and filled some spots on the dresser and then i spray painted it tonight (eek...horrible to admit, i'm usually an eco-friendly person i promise, but it was WAYYYY cheaper, even though my parents own a hardware store. like way cheaper) it is a nice semi-flat black. so it will pretty much be like the my entertainment center, a nice semi-flat color. it's drying upstairs, but when it's back at my apartment, i'll take some photos of it for you. promise.


does anyone know the laws about renting. doesn't it say somewhere that hot water is a necessity for life and it is an EMERGENCY when you don't have it. i hate my complex people, they think nothing is a big deal. my toilet seat was broken from the day i moved in until last week. and they only came to fix it because i called EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to annoy them. i mean, i should just stop paying rent and get evicted. it's a better deal than breaking my lease. don't rent from cedarbrooke, i'm telling you, they suck. or any village park i should add, they are all the same people.


i haven't blogged in a while and feel like a loser. sorry, guys, i'm sure you are all sitting on the edge of your seat to hear from me. right... :)


you know how i blogged about being afraid i was going to get laid off? well, my friend kara from school got laid off, she was working for a large firm in seattle. she's moving back home (which is newton for you kansasans) and is looking for a job in wichita. any job. so if you know of any, send them my way. i'm still worried that i might get laid off. i wasn't too worried until we hired a lady that used to work for us here in the wichita office to work in our kc office, and she has her license. i have a year and a half until i can get mine. so...yeah...i'm pretty worthless to the company right now. although i do have a pretty full project load right now, so maybe they will feel sorry for me. maybe. but probably not.


i'm thinking of buying a house. i pretty much figured out that i can get a house for around $80K...i was thinking college hill or riverside area. i found some awesome fixer uppers. my mom and i are going to look at a few on saturday and if i like them i'm going to take my boyfriend (who grew up working on rental homes all his life) to go look at them and tell me how much work it will need and how much it will cost. it's crazy, i could seriously BUY a house and my mortgage payment would be less than what i pay in rent. rent is redic in this town. for reals. wichita sucks sometimes. and i even live in the semi-ghetto. dang.


my dog just walked by me and he still smells like skunk. not a lot, just enough to make your nose burn. he got sprayed THREE AND A HALF weeks ago. any suggestions?

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  1. Oh.....I swoon hearing words like "college hill" and "river side" and "house for $80K." I miss Wichita!

    Go for it. Now is definately the time to buy!!! But don't lose your job. That would be bad.

    Hot water is definately a necessity. Sorry you have sucky landlords!


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