Monday, January 19, 2009

i'm dying...

okay, so that's slightly melodramatic...

but seriously, i'm so sore today. i played my last game of indoor soccer last night and i hurt. so. bad. for those of you that are goddard alums, i played the womack brother's team last night. we got beat, but not by the normal 20 to was only 6 to 13 or something like that. and i was told i actually did a pretty decent job.

which leads me back to the fact that i'm super sore. i rolled my ankle at one point [after running cross country in high school i have, like, NO tendons left in either ankle. it's kinda gross actually, i can stand on my ankle instead of my foot. that's how i stretch. kyle pretends to gag when i do it. jerk.] anyway, so i rolled my ankle, which sucks. and now i can't wear heels to work. which i usually do, almost every day. i think i wear them because i feel more powerful. i'm already quite tall, like 5'8"ish, so when i wear heels i'm almost as tall as the majority of the men in my firm. which is awesome. because we are totally outnumbered here. seriuosly, we have one female architect, three female interior designers, one landscape designer and two cadd techs. that's it. nada. we have like 60 employees! the rest of the women are admin and support staff...totally lame.

so obviously i NEED my super heels.

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  1. Power heels are the sexiest, most empowering thing for women today.

    I'm feelin' for ya.


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