Thursday, January 1, 2009

i must have been super good this year...

because i made out like a bandit!!

okay, maybe not a BANDIT, but i got lots of cool stuff! here's a sampling...well, most of it...i couldn't find pictures for some of them though so here's what i could find.

a set of two spin brush pros from my mom and dad, they are AWESOME!

diamond scrabble edition from kyle's parents. now if i can only get him to play with me...hmm....

a set of these rubbermaid takealongs....

and THESE rubbermaids! they are so awesome, my fridge is already full of them. the lids snap together and then the bottom of the container also snaps to the lid, AMAZING! got both of those from my mom and dad. i didn't have any lids that matched my old stuff, which was mostly stuff i had gained from each roommate i went through in college...or stole...whatev.

a white pea coat from kyle's mom and dad. it's not this one, it's from kohl's, but i couldnt' find's longer...i like them to cover my arse. (what, it's cold in kansas...)
i ended up with THREE steve berry books! if you like da vinci code, read these books. i got the amber room, the venetian betrayal and the third secret.

new pillows from my mom and dad. (are you noticing a trend...i tend to ask for stuff that i really need and know that i'll use over and over again...)

a subscription to real simple for my birthday from kyle's parents. i LOVE this magazine!
A NEW CAMERA FROM KYLE! it's so cute and little! i have another one that is "fancy" that i got two years ago from mom and dad and i always feel bad taking it places, so i wanted one i could just throw in my purse and take out with us!
a dustbuster from mom and dad. mine's white with red's already been used and is hanging in my kitchen!
YESSSS....clean water! from mom and dad!
my little brother got me new towels! yellow and light grey. thank, topher!
a birthday gift from kyle, a penguin ice cube serving bucket. (penguin's are my favorite animal...)
kyle's brother got me this book for my birthday! i also got a set of scented stuff from his brother's finance (that's another story for another day) and a new copy of to kill a mockingbird. my old copy was missing the cover and the first eight pages...quite obviously my favorite book!
another one from mom and dad....a new rolling pin!

how was YOUR christmas!


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