Tuesday, January 6, 2009

whoa. WHOA. whoa. WHOA. whoa. WHOA. whoa.

alright. i gotta brag a bit. sorry in advance.

i went to target last night...big surprise, i know, BUT. i saved so much money! i'm so proud of myself! i got one of those flip, clip, save booklets in the mail that they always send out and i'm SO NOT KIDDING YOU, everything i bought that i had a coupon for WAS ALREADY ON SALE. holla. i was also super excited because i went with a friend who also has a cat and we both needed litter and if you bought two things of litter for $22, you got a $5 gift card. SCHAWEET!

anyway, my total bill was $67.60 and i saved $32.99 with coupons and sales. i also had a $35.00 gift card from christmas, so i only paid $36.47 with tax.

now THAT'S what i call an accomplishment!

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  1. I'm sayin' "whoa" to your layout! love it!!!

    and you GOTTA love mad savings, especially at target. The only time that really happens to me is at Smith's (Dillon's) when I get the 5/$10 cereal or cheap doritos or ice cream.


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