Wednesday, September 24, 2008

so i told wonder woman that i would be blogging about wichita again. this was on monday. so, sorry guys, i'm a little late.


for those of you that don't know this already, my car broke down on sunday. not all the way, mind you, just enough to where i didn't feel comfortable taking it to work. WELLLLL, normally i would just call my friend jules and make her take me (we carpool most days) BUT her birthday was sunday and i knew she was taking a few hours off in the morning so that she could spend a little more time with her boyfriend before he went back to manhattan (where he lives).

so, yeah, i decided that i would actually (FINALLY) ride my bike to work. i've been thinking/talking/blogging about doing this for a while and kyle just went ahead and talked me into it.

so sunday night i google the walking path to get from my house to my work. and here's what it told me to do.

Walking directions to 420 S Emporia St, Wichita, KS 67202
6.1 mi – about 1 hour 57 mins

8406 E Harry St
Wichita, KS 67207
1.Head west on E Harry St toward S Eastmoor St
3.4 mi
2.Turn right at George Washington Blvd
0.6 mi
3.Turn left at E Lincoln St
1.4 mi
4.Turn right at S Emporia St
0.7 mi
420 S Emporia St
Wichita, KS 67202

NOW...for those of you NOT from wichita. trust me, you do NOT want to be at the intersection of george washington and lincoln. like ever. not even in the middle of the day with a knife in one hand and a revolver in the other (do they even make revolvers anymore? i should look into it if they do.)

anyway...i digress. so, obviously, there is no way that i'm going to go to work that way. i'm not driving, excuse me, RIDING through the ghetto on my awesome schwinn bike in my work clothes so i can get robbed.

so of course, i think i know a way better way to get to work. so i go to bed nice and early and wake up on time and do my hair and make up and take off for my trek to work.

one thing - my front tire was flat. remember now, i had no other means of getting to work. none. whatsoever. so i hop on anyway and start riding down harry towards webb (NOTE: this is the opposite direction from my work, but the dillon's gas station is way less threatening than the philips 66 at harry and rock.)

i fill up with air (the dillon's lady gave the air to me for free, so i was in a good mood.) i had decided at this point to take my bike up webb to douglas. surely douglas will be a good one to ride town, RIGHT?!?

wrong. i get there. guess what? there are no freaking sidewalks on douglas until you get past EASTBOUROUGH!! what. the. heck. what kind of town does that? i realize that most towns do have a town inside of them (eastbourough is a town in the middle of wichita full of dumb rich people who think they are better than everyone else. sorry if anyone is from eastbourough, but you should just be part of wichita, it's really stupid that you aren't. and i hate your cops.) anyway.

i've decided that wichita is the worst bikeable city in the entire united states. it really wasn't that bad of a bike ride once i got to where there are sidewalks but SHEESH! throw me a bone here. i'm trying to make the world a better place and you people make it hard for us to do that.

so yeah, the next time i ride my bike to work, i'm packing heat and going through the ghetto.

fo shiz.


  1. I'm diggin' the new background.

    Ah, catie, you're a funny girl. fo shiz. =D I don't know what the heck is up with Eastborough. It's like Vatican City in the middle of Wichita. I think they think that, too.

    Good for you trying to make the world a better place. I admire you! Sorry it was such a crappy experience. I'd definately go pick up a revolver from the pawn shop before you head down lincoln and geo wash blvd.


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