Wednesday, September 17, 2008


what a normal day today was. so normal in fact, it was weird...

i woke up on time [GASP!] and i never wake up in time. in fact lately i've been sleeping until 7. my carpool picks me up at 7:30. so needless to say i've been doing the cheat hairdo [figure 1] for a while. and i still have to do my make up in the car. haha. so anyway, i did my hair the "real" way...aka i blow dried my hair and actually straightened it [see wedding photos for illustration].

so then julie [who i carpool with] picks me up right on time and i'm actually all ready to go and we get there uneventfully. it's only a 7 mile drive. not much adventure to be had on that drive.

i walk in and actually remembered we had an all staff meeting today [double GASP!] i walked in five minutes late last month [did i mention they are monthly, probably not...] and was very proud i wasn't late this time around. i make it through most of the morning in the normal fashion, i'm working on some new schools [the GODDARD schools, actually. how cool is THAT!? see figure 2]

julie emails me and is like, 'hey, let's get lunch at playa azul.' and i'm all like, 'fo shiz, that sounds great.' [i really did type that. i'm sure carol, the 75-year-old who's job it is to read through our emails and make sure we don't say anything "wrong" found that humorous. sometimes i used rap language just to see if she'll say anything to me. she hasn't. yet.]

so then i walk to lunch to see julie [she drove, remember? and playa azul is right next to her work. like RIGHT NEXT to her work.] and encounter many construction workers [awesome. not.] the new wichita dowtown arena [figure 3] is being built right next to wear i work. and of course it has to be in between where julie works and where i work. anyway, i make it without too many cat calls and we eat lunch. cheaply. because mexican is always nice and cheap and they have an amazing ala carte menu there. and then i have her drive me back to work because if i walked, i'd be late.

normal day for me so far. afternoon goes by and nothing too out of the ordinary happens, krystil [my boss] and i complain about work and other stuff. she's not that much older than me, so we actually have quite a lot in common. and she's funny. like hilarious. and we have similar upbringings, which i always find make for interesting conversations.

julie picks me up and we book it home because she is throwing a bachelorette party for renee, this girl we went to school with and she works with. i'm invited. i should tell you that i was the only one invited that DIDN'T work with the rest of them. uncomfortable. just a little weird. and this lady that she works with has "adopted" me into their group of interiors people and krystil [my boss, remember] cannot stand her. i don't mind her, but if she's done have the shit krystil says she has done, i would trust her with a, make that a penny, of mine. seriously.

anyway, i make it through the party unscathed [and happy because we ate good food and then played catch phrase, which i LOVE LOVE LOVE] the party probably only could have been better if we played apples to apples. even more love.

julie and i then take our dogs for a walk, just like every night.
i come home and talk to kyle on the phone for a while [well, i talk, he watches tv. but that's normal for us.]

and now i'm blogging.
does anyone else feel weird when their day goes EXACTLY as planned?? i mean that NEVER happens to me, so i guess i'm a little weirded out about it.

goodnight everyone!

figure one: this is somewhat like my natural hair. kinda.

figure 2: home sweet home.

figure three: 3D model of the wichita downtown arena. GLA [where i work] is part of this goodness. but just the parking lot. :) nothing cool really.

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  1. Boring, normal days are.....boring. And nice. =D Sounds like you had a good one. Reading your blog always make me miss home. Goddard, you work downtown and live on the eastside? I have a recommendation for lunch: Old Mill's Tasty Shoppe. It's, I don't remember the name of the street anymore! It's right by Old Town. Across from that know what I mean? Anyway, it's so good. My dad and I used to go there on my birthday every year.


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