Sunday, September 7, 2008

wonderful weekends...

i really didn't think that being in a long distance relationship was going to be this hard. really, i didn't. kyle and i have been dating for about 6 years now, and for three of those we've lived at least an hour apart.

but even an hour apart isn't really that bad. i could still go and see him if i wanted to, but sometimes that meant driving home really late at night or getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to drive to work or school in the morning. now, we're down to weekends only. and it sucks, really.

now, we officially live 3 hours apart. and that's if i don't have to stop on the way up to his house. 3 hours?!? that's a lot of a weekend. i mean, that's SIX HOURS of driving for one of us. i'm really not sure how long i'm going to last here in wichita. being back up in onaga for the weekend just showed me exactly what i was missing out on. it's so beautiful up there, epecially when you see what wichita looks like. and then you add to the fact that i actually got to cook for two people, not just one (and a dog and a cat, but they don't really count, do they?) and do my laundry for free and live in a house that i wouldn't have to pay rent on. it's just kind of depressing to return to stinky old wichita and think about how much i'd rather be living up there.

this post is getting was supposed to be about my wonderful weekend up north and it turned into a bash on wichita post! lol. oh well! i really do like living here, but i truly miss all my manhattan friends and of course, seeing kyle any time i wanted to. i'm sure everything will work out in the end, and since it's not worked out yet, it's not the end!

so, ANYWAY...i did have a wonderful weekend at kyle's house, although he doesn't have internet and i don't get my FB and blogger "fixes" in everyday...but that's okay, i did get to see him after all... :)

here's the line up of weekends to come...

sept. 13th - dustin and katie's wedding in emporia, ks.
sept. 20th - dalton and emily's wedding in some small town in nebraska...basically it's so far north we will almost be in south dakota.
sept. 27th - e.duerr comes to town on friday! and erin g's bachlorette party in KC on saturday, studying my butt off on sunday.
oct. 4th - my LEED test day...yikes! kyle is building a shed at his house this day as well.
oct. 11th - erin and kyle's wedding in axtell, ks.
oct. 16th - i'm on the graduate panel for the KSU Interior Design Symposium all day, kyle and i leave for vacation that night!
oct. 16th - 20th - on vacation to cachura valley, co!
oct. 25th - a FREE weekend finally...
nov. 1st - kyle and i's 6 year anniversary, my dad's birthday, and the KU/KSU game in lawrence! we're going with some friends of ours that have the same anniversary!

and i think that's all we have "booked" until thanksgiving...sheesh, we are a busy crew this fall!

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  1. try having a 13 hour drive instead of a 3 hour drive. now THAT sucks. i was the same way when dt and i were doing the long-distance thing....always wishing that i lived close to him everytime i visited. and now i do! it was worth it.

    but its so easy to miss manhattan. its beautiful country and its basically like home to us since that is where we have had such happy times.


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