Sunday, September 14, 2008

sunday sunday SUNDAY!

i had the most amazing weekend. don't you just love it when you honestly have a great time? not that i don't always have a great time when i spend a weekend with kyle, but we were surrounded by great people all weekend!

on friday we hung out with chad and his fiance, katie. they both went to high school with kyle, but i've known chad for so long that i think i can call him a friend. at least an acquaintance. it's nice to have a couple that we can hang out with and i can talk to HER about stuff. she's about my age and is catholic [i should tell you that i'm not catholic, i'm technically methodist. but i'm looking into converting to quakerism. random fact, i know. more on that in another post.] but anyway, she went to church with a lot of my friends from high school and bishop carrol [i dated a guy from BC for like three years]. so we know a lot of the same people and she's honestly a smart and funny person who can make everyone feel comfortable. so anyway, we went and saw the house they just moved into and then went out for a few drinks. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures from that

on saturday we went to the wedding of one of my favorite couples of all! katie and dustin are adorable, and if you met them, you would know they are perfect for each other. dustin was kyle's intern at cat for a few years, but we all went out together while dustin, katie, and i were still in school. they are hilarious, especially together. the wedding was really short [for a catholic wedding, anyway... :)] and we sat next to zach [another of kyle's ex-interns] and ryan and sara and their four adorable children [ryan works at cat with kyle]. after the wedding we went to the reception on emporia state's campus in one of the prettiest ballrooms i've seen! everything was beautiful and we had a blast. katie and dustin even decided to go to the bars with a bunch of us after the their full wedding attire! so cute. here's some pics for everyone's enjoyment.

SO cute!

some of katie's handiwork (she's a graphic designer).

joey, tony and caleb waiting for their turn to dance.

sara and katie (sooo many katie's this weekend!!)

can you believe the photography skills of the boys? caleb took this one of kyle and i!

caleb and joey. SOOOO cute!

the cat boys...and tony. :)

more of katie's skills...

my favorite picture of the night.

we c/katie's gotta stick together. we're at the bar in this pic.

zach and i at the bars.

the boys! too bad they are all separated now [zach is in waterloo, iowa; dustin in kc, ks and kyle in holton] they were a fun group to hang with.

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  1. Fun weekends are the BEST!!! Looks like you had a blast. I love that "behind" shot, too. And that's awesome that they went to the bars with you after the reception in their wedding garb! I love it. And quakerism? Do tell.

    Joe....I forgot his last name....was the aide with me for Ms. Hall. You know who I'm talking about? And yes, it made for some interesting conversations. But I love learning about points of view other than my own, so it was good.


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