Thursday, October 2, 2008

TAG, i'm it!

YAY! i got tagged by wonder woman. and since it's been forever since i posted, i'll do it now. :)

1. i drove last night to test drive a car...not a little bit either. i drove all the way to OKLAHOMA CITY (TWO HOURS....ONE WAY.) to test drive this awesome lincoln ls. guess what. they sold it four days ago. and i called four times to make sure they had it before i drove down. including about five minutes before i left. if you live in the midwest, don't ever buy a car from bob howard auto group in OKC. jerks.

2. i'm actually a non-partisain voter (if you can believe me). i just cannot stand george w. bush. or sarah palin. i really, really, really don't like her.

3. my favorite cd ever is still green day's nimrod.

4. i graduated college with 80 extra credit hours. that means i paid almost 10K more than i needed to in order to graduate. ouch.

5. i love sushi. like LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i once drove an hour out of my way to go to my favorite sushi place (oriental express in topeka).

6. my dog's name is nelson. as in admiral nelson. don't know who that is? go to your local liquor store. :)

7. as much as i like to talk all big and crap, i'm really quite non-confrontational. i always start to stutter (horrible speech impediment from my childhood) and can't complete a sentance. then i get really mad when an hour later i think of the perfect comeback.

and i tag...chelsea, junnae, leah...and that's it because wonder woman sent it to me. :)

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  1. I love the random tags.

    I....have so many feeling about politics right now. And they are very mixed. I go from really liking a candidate to being frustrated with them very quickly. And things that I like about turn into reasons I don't want them as president. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Although the state I'm in is going to be so overwhelming republican, it's hard for me to feel like my opinion even matters.

    EIGHTY extra credit hours?! Holy crow!

    And your problem with good comebacks reminds me of "You've Got Mail." You'd probably regret it anyway. =D


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