Monday, October 6, 2008

introducing the newest member of the shaffer/carpenter family

HOLLA! i finally got my new car! no more begging for rides, working late because i have to wait for julie to pick me up, etc., etc. i'm just glad i have a car actually.

and i didn't have to get a loan. because i have an amazing boyfriend that spoils me rotten [HA...right] and since he has money...that i never get to see, trust me, he wrote a personal check for it and i'm going to pay him back. he says he's going to charge me interest, but his mom won't let him. lol. (side note: sometimes it's nice to date a guy with a brother who's not married [anymore, but that's for another blog] and no sisters!)

but, of course, since i got it saturday, it's been dirty from kyle's dirt road, then i finally washed and and as luck would have it [or just becaue i live in kansas...] it rained today. so i don't have pictures of MY car, but to hold you guys over until i have time to take pics of mine, here's one that is almost exactly like mine!

catie's car stats
make: lincoln
model: ls
year: 2000
engine: v8 [!!]
exterior color: black
interior color: black [...and leather. YES!!]

i would go on and on about how loaded it is and how much i adore it, but i'll save it for when i have pics of my "real" car up here instead. :)

exterior of car. duh.

better view of the front.

this interior is pretty much the exact same as mine. black leather seats and a really dark grey carpet. wood trimmings...i wanted the metal ones, but we this car was too much of a good deal to pass up just because i didn't want the wood. :) i don't think it looks TOO old lady, but the wood adds a bit of old lady touch to it. :)

yeah, this is pretty much exactly like mine. i promise, it really does have a cd player, just for some reason the 2000 has it in the glove box. it's a 6 disc changer, so you have to take it out to load it. better for a passenger to do that i guess. :)

more pics/descriptions to come!

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