Tuesday, October 7, 2008

aren't you lucky?

two blogs in ONE DAY from me! now that's luck. :)

just kidding.

i did want to post the pictures of my new car up here though. i put them on fb as well, so if you are a fb-er, you can view them either place!

hope your tuesday was amazing!

what adorable little town are these taken in?

well i'm glad you asked!

see my parents peeking at you?

i was at their house.

in goddard, ks.

and yes, it really IS that cute. :)


  1. LOVED that life way back when I drove a cute car. I used to see it from a distance and think "What a cute car" and then realize it was mine.

    Ahhh, the memories...

  2. I thought I recognized Clark Davidson Elementary in the background! (If it's even still called that.)

    LOVE the car. Totally jealous. Go Catie!! No more risking your life biking to work!


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