Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIWWW {what i would wear wednesday}

i have an excuse this week, really, i do.  we left for colorado on thursday of last week for a family reunion (more on that later) and wasn't anywhere close enough to my mirror for pictures!  yup, that's totally it.  and i was completely preoccupied playing with adorable little children and beating my husband and his male cousins at croquet...

so, in lieu of what i wore wednesday, we're going with a what i would wear wednesday!  'cause it's my blog and i do what i want.

and so i turn to pinterest once again for some fashion inspiration!

i so love pinterest.

i would marry pinterest if i could.

moving on....

i'm going with one work outfit, one play outfit and one work then play outfit.


a friday work outfit, fabulous enough to transition into a friday night out outfit!


i adore this headband.  and the hairdo is fabulous as well.  if only i could get my mangy mane to stay put.

and i'd wear it with one of these awesome dresses.  i'm pretty sure i need one in every color.

and i have some black shoes just like the before picture...a fabulous diy shoe tutorial. 

everyone needs a little lace, rosettes and ruffles mixed together for a day, right?  it's pretty much the best things ever all wrapped up together in one comfy outfit.


i love this for work.  it's hot as blazes here in kansas right now and i adore wearing skirts and dresses in the summer.  i've got a bunch of old tanks that i want to add skirts to the bottom of and this is my inspriation.  but, first, i need to make a circle skirt (tutorial by dana over at made) with the lovely black with navy polka dots charmeuse fabric i bought last week.  FOR $2.50 A YARD!!  it was $5/yard on the clearance rack and when i found out that it was additional 50% off that, i bought the whole bolt!  would anyone like a matching circle skirt to mine?

anyone?  bueller?  bueller?

well, fine.  i'll make a dress with the rest of it.
Source: None via Catie on Pinterest

i'm also loving on this hair style right now.  i have had tons of flyaways ever since our wedding last year.  i have no idea the correlation of the wedding to my flyaways, but that's when i started to notice them.  ANYWAY, braids sure do help.  because flyaways in this kansas humidity with wavy hair like mine....not so fun.

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