Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wiww 9

what i wore wednesday is going to be SKIRTS, SHORT SLEEVES and anything that doesn't make me break into a sweat when i walk out the door for a while.  hope you guys don't mind!  we're breaking record highs left and right over here in kansas.  wichita was even mentioned on the nightly news with brian williams today.

side note: why is it kansas only gets mentioned for 1. weather, 2. sports or 3. freaking crazy people.

second side note: have you ever noticed they always interview the dumbest people they can find?  i once saw a story about wichita on the national news and they had some guy that sounded like a total hick and was missing a tooth.  A TOOTH!?!  really!?!

ps - we are not all like that here, i promise.

wednesday - 90 degrees

long sleeved tee and white tank - target, necklace - premier designs, skirt - thrifted and super wearing pajamas!  i wore sandals but apparently forgot to put them on until i left the house...

thursday - 94 degrees

head to toe target, except i found the shoes at a thrift store and paid $2 for them.  :)

friday - 100 degrees

cardi and tanks - target, jeans - maurices, flip flops - reef, purchased at the 2004 national waterski tourney in baton rouge, necklace - ebay?  i think anyway.

monday - 102 degrees

tank and long sleeved shirt - target, trousers - penneys, heels - gianni bini (thrifted), necklace - famous footwear

tuesday - 102 degrees

cardi, tank and flats - target, dress - old navy, necklace - gift from kyle


  1. Found you through Lindsey's blog and thought I'd leave a little comment :)

    Love the dress in your last photo! So cute!


  2. Super cute:)

    Glad to hear you have all your teeth!!


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